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French Assist helps individuals overcome language and cultural barriers. 
French Assist is committed to deliver a friendly but professional service tailored to the individual requirements of each client.

French Assist offers the following personal services on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis:

  • Language tuition

French Assist offers private tuition to individuals and small groups of all levels:

- GCSE and A-Level: ongoing tuition and intensive revision weeks for exams

- General French for beginners to advanced level

- Survival French for holiday, relocation and travel

- Conversational French
French Assist has developed tailored language tuition solutions to suit your own needs and objectives: individually or as a group, on a weekly basis or with intensive programmes, the choice is yours.

  • Property

French Assist works with French estate agents, notaires, financial, legal and business advisors and surveyors to ensure that the purchase, sale and/or rental of a French property is as informed and as stress free as possible.

French Assist can also help and support with any utility services, insurance, banks, builders, local authorities, government departments, etc...

  • Relocation

​French Assist offers a range of support services to individuals and their families moving to France or the UK. Having experienced living and working in these two countries, we understand the obstacles that can be faced when relocating. 
French Assist can help before, during and after the move, in person, online and over the phone. These services include French/UK social security and health system, housing, purchase of a vehicle, removal, school system, transport, insurance, utilities, banking, language tuition, etc, the move is as stress-free as possible for you.

  • Special events & holiday 

French Assist offers a complete bespoke special events and holiday service from venue finding to special arrangements either in France or in the UK. 

French Assist uses business management and organisational skills to envision, plan and execute your private event and/or holiday. French Assist will work with your budgets, schedules and objectives to create the best possible event and/or holiday for you and your guests.

  • Translation & interpreting

French Assist offers translation services in English and in French of documents, emails, letters, etc...
French Assist offers interpreting services to support you with the French or the British administration, telephone conversations, appointments with trade or contractors, utility services, insurance, banks, builders, etc...

If you require further information or you are looking for any other French language service not specified above, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We’ll be happy to help.​